Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Madcap Special on 22nd January 2012


01. North Base 'Fright Night' New State Music
02. Warrior One 'Fyah' Ft. Ayah Marar (Warrior One & Bojcot Remix) Black Butter Rec
03. Rack 'N' Ruin 'Pull Up That' Subslayers
04. Bill Vega & New Decade 'Head Rush' Definition:Breaks
05. Madcap 'Nostaljah' Warehouse Wax Dub
06. Kieran M 'Heart Is On Fire' Warehouse Wax
07. Madcap 'Your Way' Warehouse Wax/ CYFM
08. Vinyl Junkie & Austin 'Jah Love' (Madcap Remix) Warehouse Wax
09. Morcee 'Nocturnal' (Mshcode Remix) Top Drawer Digital Dub
10. Madcap 'Artillery' (Madcap's 2011 Into The Future Remix) Top Drawer Digital Dub
11. Madcap 'Artillery' (Madcap's 2012 J-Tek Mix) Top Drawer Digital Dub
12. Strange Rollers 'Say That U Want Me' (Madcap Remix) Hardcore Lives
13. Gold '45 War' Subslayers
14. Madcap 'Eastern Promise' Warehouse Wax Dub
15. Phuture Assassin 'Forever' (Madcap's Remix) Warehouse Wax
16. Kieran M 'Caught Up In A Rewind' Warehouse Wax
17. Skink 'Era' Top Drawer Digital
18. Peshay 'Gangsta' (Bennie D Mix) Dub
19. Tango & Ratty 'Is It Live' Steel Fingers
20. Outrage & Digital 'Made In England' (Timeless Remix – Andy F & Mark T) Dub
21. Kosine & Side - B 'Overture' Originate Dub
22. Strange Rollers 'Rising Up' (Don't Hold Back) H2R Dub
23. Madcap & Wilsh 'Different Desire' (Madcap's Junglistic Acid Tweek Mix) Dub
24. Skink 'Shithouse' Top Drawer Digital
25. Radio Killaz 'The Cholo' Warehouse Wax Dub
26. High Rankin 'Flowers On Your Rave' Suicide Dub Vol.2
27. Sub Fusion: 'Psycotic Bleeps' Top Drawer Digital Dub
28. Time Travel 'Gunshot Request' Anomaly Digital Recordings
29. Ricky Force 'Competitor' Armageddon
30. dRamatic & dbAudio 'Strike Me Down' Phuzion Dub
31. Ricky Force 'Flow' (VIP) Dub
32. Tango 'Understanding' (Madcap's Remix) Creative Wax Dub
33. DJ Solo 'Darkage' (Ruff Tactics Remix) Dub
34. Madcap 'Dangerous' Creative Wax Dub
35. Madcap 'Paradise' Phuzion Dub
36. Tactical Aspect 'Operations' Criminal Records Dub
37. Madcap 'Everyday' Criminal Records Dub